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Raptor Lifts

NorthWest Recreational offers the perfect solution for shallow water boat lift capacity. There is no one else on the market for shallow or variable water depths like Raptor Lift.

Raptor Boat Lifts have the shallowest water capability in the industry, drive through capability, fastest lift speed & it’s propeller friendly. These boat lifts are truly one of a kind.

Raptor Boat Lift

Why would you get a Raptor Lift?

  • Have you ever had trouble getting your boat off your lift due to water level variances?
  • Have you ever wished you could drive your boat through your lift without damaging your prop?
  • Want to store equipment or listen to music without draining your boat battery or while the boat is out on the water?
  • Ever wish you had an unobscured entry way with a step always at the right level to easily climb on and off your boat?
  • Ever want a lift that looks as good as your boat?

Raptor Lifts is the boat lift designed to meet all these needs and more!

Choose Your Raptor Lift

Raptor Lift Water Boat Lift-min

Raptor Lift NZD-7500


Raptor Lift NZD-6000

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